Does being right matter?

I listened to a podcast the other day that posed an interesting question…

Is it better to be right or loving?

Of course being both would be nice, but let’s have a thought experiment. If you had to choose one, which would it be?

Loving, right? I think most people would say loving if asked the question. But I’m not sure it’s how we act in most situations…

When a topic or situation or whatever arises that we feel strongly about, being correct feels pretty important, often at the expense of being loving, or kind, or even decent.

Some probably say fighting for a stance, for correctness, is loving. After all, certain things are so important that the “loving thing” isn’t to just lay over and “be kind”.

I am pretty passive. Non-confrontational. It’s not in my nature to fight for a cause or a truth or a side. Having said that, I’m definitely not always loving. If I feel someone has wronged me, no matter how small, my instinct isn’t to act in love. My instinct is that I know what’s correct, what they did, and I let that be most important.

When I heard the question “Is it better to be loving or correct?” I immediately thought of Donald Trump, and more importantly the two sides of the political world we live in. Full disclosure, I don’t know a thing about politics.

But I do know what I hear and see. Democrats and Republicans that flat out hate each other. Okay, I actually never see that in the real world. But on TV, for sure.

I’m sure both democrats and republicans believe they are correct, at least on most of their beliefs. That is not a bad thing. It makes sense.

I asked myself, on some of the strongest things I believe, would I sacrifice being right for treating other people well.

And maybe more importantly, even if I know I am right, how can I proceed with my opponent that makes them think I chose to love.

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