More Squirrels

I’ve been thinking about writing a kids book about a squirrel. But three squirrels is certainly better than one. I’m a huge fan of multiple squirrels hanging out together. Here it goes…

There once were three squirrels named Frank, Jack, and Leo.
Always planning and plotting, a mischievous trio.

Frank was in charge of collecting the nuts.
Jack was in charge of distracting the muts.

Leo was different, constantly befuddled.
Easily tired and loved to be cuddled.

Frank and Jack rose early to get a head start.
Leo couldn’t be bothered til he had his pop-tart.

Okay that’s all I got so far. It might be illegal to use the name pop-tart but I think it’s worth the risk. I’ll touch base again with the public when this book goes viral, if books can go viral.

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