A Squirrel

I read my son books every night. It used to be one book a night. He tries to get away with 5-8. A few observations…

  1. Books that rhyme are way better than books that don’t.
  2. Kids books seem super easy to write.
  3. I’m not smart enough to write a real book.
  4. I might be smart enough to write a kids book.
  5. I might try to write one right now.

I’m gonna try to right one right now. I love squirrels, there are tons in my backyard at all times. So I’m gonna write about a squirrel. Here it goes…

There once was a squirrel named Buffalo.
He wasn’t big, he wasn’t slow.

Buffalo lived in a tree way up high.
Buffalo dreamed one day he would fly.

He heard a boy talking about buffalo wings.
He didn’t see them, he didn’t feel them.

“Where were these things?”

Okay, that took me quite a while to write. But I think I have a great foundation for a truly groundbreaking kids book.

I’m gonna regroup in preparation for Part 2.




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