The Whole Thing

When I was in high school I remember saving up $15 or so pretty regularly to purchase an album I had been anticipating for months.

There was no greater feeling than unwrapping that plastic and putting the disc in my car system. Over the next few months I’d listen to the same 10ish songs over and over. Sometimes I didn’t like certain songs that much, but I’d listen all the way through regardless. I was emotionally and financially invested. And almost every time, I would grow to appreciate every song.

Now I have Spotify. Now I am married. Now I have two kids. Those things certainly weren’t listed in order of importance. I can’t imagine liking Spotify that much.

I do like Spotify a lot. I can listen to about any song at any time. But I never listen to entire albums anymore. The endless options really limit my ability to hone in on one, and stick with it.

I’m sure this lack of discipline spills over into important things. I rarely read entire books, I get bored. I don’t often spend much time in prayer, though I’ve experienced it’s benefit in the past. Creative ideas come and go, and often come before the one before it goes. That made sense to me.

Committing to, and completing the “whole thing”, no matter what it is, can be so hard. I’m gonna listen to an entire album tomorrow, and see if it spills over to something important.

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