Quarters of People

I am in sales. I don’t have an office. I get up everyday and start driving. Over the course of each day I have small conversations with dozens and dozens of people. I was gonna say hundreds but that might be a stretch.

Why is there not an easily referencable number between 12 and 100?

Anyway, I’m not very outgoing. Many days I would feel fine if I didn’t talk to anyone. So it’s kind of odd I’m in sales. Don’t get me wrong. I think I do my job well. I’m just not a “start the conversation at a party” kind of person. I’m a “start a conversation” because I’m getting paid to kind of person.

So dozens, maybe hundreds of times a day I have little conversations. Dang it, I’m going with quarters, meaning 25.

Quarters of time a day I have little conversations.

I don’t keep up with politics much. It seems now is one of the most divisive times in recent history.

I like Twitter. It’s pretty much my source for news and what’s happening in the world. On Twitter everyone is always arguing. Taking a stance one way or another on any topic seems to be the preferred method in our culture.

“I don’t know” is a phrase I’ve probably said more than any other in my life. I’m very indecisive and don’t really like to research things to get smarter. Both facts probably contribute to my favorite phrase.

Where am I going with all this? I haven’t thought that far.

I do know that I have a great opportunity, quarters of time a day, to show kindness and genuine interest in dozens (maybe quarters) of types of people from all different backgrounds.

I like sales because it makes me talk to people. It makes me start conversations with people who aren’t like me at all. People that don’t share my beliefs or have a similar background.

I can do much better than I currently do with all my little conversations. In a world that seems to currently be at odds with one another, it’s a challenging thought to bring positivity and kindness in all those small interactions.

I don’t do it enough.

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