Pride Hit

I lost my job last week.

It wasn’t all that dramatic really. A simple downsizing issue. My performance was adequate, good relationship with my boss, etc. But from a team of eight I was the only one laid off. The “powers that be” chose me, which is fine.

I’ve had a little time to digest it. I’m pretty confident there’s nothing I did wrong to lose my job, but that doesn’t matter. It still doesn’t feel great. It kinda feels like everything continued as normal, with one less person. Me. That is what happened.

It’s been a pride hit.

Pride isn’t good. I kinda doubt there’s too many people that describe themselves as prideful. Maybe it’s too aggressive. Most of us aren’t going around telling people how great we are. Yea that one guy does, but not most of us.

I don’t often refer to myself as prideful.

“Image management” is a term I’ve heard a lot recently. Now THAT is me. Guilty as charged.

I remember in high school girls would often refer to me as a “really good guy”. Maybe it’s because I didn’t date (or talk) much. I liked being referred to that way. My image was doing well, and that was just fine with me.

I heard a couple weeks ago the following statement…

“At some point, you will either sacrifice your image to get where you’re going, or visa versa.”

That’s not exact. I should really write things down. But it stuck with me.

When we describe times that our pride was really damaged, it’s in a negative manner. The circumstance almost certainly felt negative.

I am certain I don’t want that statement above to describe me. I don’t want to forfeit forward momentum (in any aspect of life) because maintaining my image is more of a concern.

I don’t wake up in the morning and consciously say “Alright, let’s get out there and protect our image at all costs”. But I know for sure I do it.

Life deals pride hits. Most are subtle. Some aren’t. Sometimes you get fired. But knocking down pride a notch or two is always good, even when it doesn’t feel that way.

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