Yesterday afternoon I laid down a bunch of grass seed in my backyard. First I just planned on covering some dirt areas, so I spread it by hand. I then got carried away and covered my entire lawn. 

I was told by a professional the best time to plant fescue grass is in September. But this is March and I’m extremely impatient. Last night it poured rain leaving puddles and floating seeds everywhere. I don’t know if the grass will grow. I have my doubts. But the experience was still beneficial.  

Working in the yard is always kind of spiritual for me. There’s something about pushing dirt around that helps me think. 

One of my favorite albums to listen to right now is from The Brilliance. They have a song called “All is not lost” with a set of lyrics that I really like. They repeat it over and over in the song. 

“May the seeds of peace be scattered. Birthing trees whose shade gives us rest.”

I happened to be listening to that song as I pretended to know how to grow grass in my backyard. For those that aren’t spiritual those lyrics probably sound kinda hippyish. To me, they were pretty profound.

In today’s culture of technology, politics, etc. the ideas of “peace” and “rest” feel foreign. I’ve tried my hand at meditation, or less impressive sounding, sitting in silence. It’s nearly impossible. That sounds dumb. Have you tried to sit still for five minutes with just your thoughts? It’s difficulty is alarming.

I check my phone 100 times a day. That’s probably underselling it. When I drive (which is a lot) I listen to podcasts or music every second of it. Like a child whining about not getting to watch YouTube on their tablet, I require constant stimulation. 

To me, those lyrics are profound.

“May the seeds of peace be scattered. Birthing trees whose shade gives us rest.”

The song, I believe, is referring to God’s peace giving us rest. Time spent in silence contemplating God (I don’t do it often) is about as close as I’ve come to “peace” and “rest”. I quickly abandon that practice for more outside stimulation. 

The other way I looked at that song (as I was literally spreading seed in my backyard) is from a viewpoint of what we are spreading to the world. What seeds am I throwing out there? 

Are they seeds of peace that offer an opportunity for others to rest?

I think I often spread seeds of judgement, doubt, and worry. Hopefully over time, as I receive more and more peace and rest from God, I can pass some along.

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