Short Term Memory

Ya know when you meet a person for the first time and think… 

“Wow, we really connect well. That conversation flowed so easily!”

And then you fast forward a year or five years or ten years and there’s 100 things that bother you about them. I’m not just talking about a romantic relationship. Any relationship. 

They say first impressions last a lifetime, or something like that. I can never remember the first impressions quotes. But we agree they’re important. Maybe that was it. “First impressions are important.” Nah, that’s not quote worthy at all.

I know I’m the best form of myself when first meeting someone. Kind. Thoughtful. Maybe kinda witty. I think most people bring their A-game to that first meeting. Over time we discover more about each other, and usually it’s not an upgrade from that initial encounter.

Maybe it’s not specific characteristics that bother you. Maybe it’s events that have taken place that you can’t get out of your head.  

I think I enter a lot of conversations “knowing” what to expect from another person. Long term relationships are hard. Again, not just romantic ones. In fact, I’m probably referring more to friendships than anything. 

The concept of forgiveness has been on my mind a lot recently. I was sitting in church Sunday pondering forgiveness and all my preconceived ideas about other people.

I started wondering what if I went into every conversation like I’d never met the person before. With a true short term memory. What if all the things that annoy me about that person were just gone. What if anything wrong they’d done to me was erased. 

From what I understand about Jesus I think he goes into conversations with us that way. Getting to that point in my relationships  feels like something worth striving for. 

Bringing baggage into a conversation feels heavy. Yea, that’s a cool sentence to end on. 

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