One Percent

How many minutes is one percent of your day?

No one likes math. It’s 15.

My pastor did a sermon talking about the impact spending one percent of your day on something can have. He was talking about prayer, but I imagine it could work with about anything.

I have goals. “How cool would it be if _____” has been a consistent curiosity throughout my life. Fill in your own blank. My blanks vary. How cool would it be if…

  • I started my own business
  • I wrote a book
  • I created a board game
  • I had abs
  • I was a master griller
  • I read the entire Bible
  • I lost 20 lbs

100 other things can occupy that blank depending on the day.

If I spent 15 minutes a day with small steps towards any goal I could probably achieve it. Except maybe the abs. I’ve heard ice cream cancels out sit-ups. But I don’t often take those small steps. At least not enough of them…

I actually don’t know how I spend my 15 minute intervals. It can be a blur. I do know my snooze button sends me 15 minutes in the future which now seems like a sick joke. Snoozing life away one percent at a time!

Sometimes I wonder at what point my “How cool would it be if ____” will turn into “I always wanted to ____ but didn’t”. Thinking of life in 15 minute increments feels kinda nice. It feels digestible. Dare I say achievable. It gives me a sense of responsibility to use at least a few of my one percents wisely.

Maybe I won’t hit snooze tomorrow and see what “one percent” more of my day looks like.

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