Great at Starting

There’s probably 30 books in my house that I’ve started reading. Most of which I stopped reading before the halfway mark. They’ve all been pretty good books, worthy of my time. But my desire to start something new almost always interrupts my obligation to finish something now. 

This isn’t really about books. 

I’m great at starting things. I did the P90x workout program in 45 days. Not the whole thing. Half of it. Truth be told lasting 45 days with that program was one of my greatest examples of perseverance.

Most days I start off well eating a decent breakfast with the intention of having a healthy day. Most days, by 3pm, I’m searching the freezer to see if we have any chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream left. My pretend desire to be healthy rarely lasts an entire day. Not even a day!

I just started this blog and was debating names for it. I ultimately decided on, well, my name. Justin Speer. I was worried whatever name I came up with would become boring to me after a few months. I’d want to change it. Instead I’d just delete this blog and save my $3 per month. I’d be starting something new again. I’m great at starting.

I have hope for this blog. Not to have tons of followers or make money with it. My hope is that this blog is just me. Nothing fancy. Not changing anytime soon. There’s no “starting over” with just me. And maybe…in time… I’ll finish a thing or two.

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